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Bird’s eye view

The dream of flying like a bird
has fascinated man when thoughts began to fly,
and ideologists impulses spurred,
which had some human conquerors then try.

So obviously people have succeeded
to construct crafts with which to push the air,
that when aerodynamics, too, are heeded
they can ascend and see our earth from there.

And what they see is nature no more pure,
but cultured in a way that we enjoy.
Vast areas of towns and roads to tour
cover the ground, surprisingly not only to annoy.


Aus meinem Buch:

Poems, one picture – one poem – one page. About the sea and man and general problems and nature around us. The subjects are contemporary and everlasting, some. You can enjoy and grin or think about their contents.

Autorin: Anne Reimerdes
Taschenbuch: 68 Seiten
ISBN-13: 978-1546811381
Erschienen: 20. Mai 2017

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