Schlagwort: Flying

Bird’s eye view

The dream of flying like a bird
has fascinated man when thoughts began to fly,
and ideologists impulses spurred,
which had some human conquerors then try.

So obviously people have succeeded
to construct crafts with which to push the air,
that when aerodynamics, too, are heeded
they can ascend and see our earth from there.

And what they see is nature no more pure,
but cultured in a way that we enjoy.
Vast areas of towns and roads to tour
cover the ground, surprisingly not only to annoy.

Flying like a bird

The sport of gliding takes a lot of patience.
The first part: to wait in a queue,
which leaves no room for any reclamations,
it simply is the pilots’ equal due.

Keeping the balance stresses nerves for the duration
of being pulled along the runway when you roll.
But once you glide without a limitation
your sense of freedom gives you back what patience stole.

You glide in thermal spirals and enjoy
the feeling of a sailing bird of prey.
Down on the earth you leave things that annoy
and just forget what other people say.

You focus on the panel and keep checking
how high you fly and if the wings are stable,
make sure you have the other gliders’ tracking,
but give and take “elation” is the label.