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Conflicting ways

Sometimes a way seems bright and straight
and you feel sure you can’t go wrong.
But there can always lie in wait
a challenge for you to be strong.

Circumstances force decisions
which way to turn and what to do.
But only seldom deep incisions
alter your life and change you, too.

Most often ways are but reflections
of different shades, though mainly true.
Or they permit some slight corrections
when you struggled what to do.


Aus meinem Buch:

Some poems about man in nature. Visions and ideas how we can treat our environment, or are treated by it. Man as a social animal can show responsibility for his surroundings both natural and social. Some Limericks are mainly to amuse myself and the reader.

Autorin: Anne Reimerdes
Taschenbuch: 68 Seiten
ISBN-13: 978-1983416415
Erschienen: 30. Dezember 2017

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