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A practical gizmo to cover a gap
is a bridge which allows you to cross.
For a stream of soft mud can be a trap
that clings to shoes, makes you look gross.

And anyhow closing a gap makes sense,
be it ditch or a space or a hole.
Gaps are negative and keep up a suspense
in your gut feeling, sometimes your soul.

Building a bridge then maybe does fulfil
a desire to span different views.
It reaches out peacefully to instil
the common sense – not to mud shoes.


Aus meinem Buch:

Photos and thoughts inspired by them. Poems about nature and man and how they come together.

Autorin: Anne Reimerdes
Taschenbuch: 68 Seiten
ISBN-13: 978-1535336567
Erschienen: 28. Juli 2016

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