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The archipelago

The archipelago of Norway’s rocks,
now undisturbed, consists of blocks
which either show above the sea
or hide below, thus not to see.

For sailors those are surely stranger
and present the real danger.
For rocks are hard and don’t give in,
a fight with them you do not win.

That is why sea charts are at hand
to always see where you just stand.
You can’t neglect a single dot
when you plan the trip and plot.


Aus meinem Buch:

The theme of living with the sea can be found in pictures and the poems that were inspired by the pictures. The atmosphere in the pictures is wonderful and alone worth buying. My modest poetry is short and to the point. So you are not distracted from the pictures, but maybe start enjoying my crazy ideas.

Autorin: Anne Reimerdes
Taschenbuch: 68 Seiten
ISBN-13: 978-1978160910
Erschienen: 11. Oktober 2017

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