Schlagwort: Society

Go with the flow

In a current it is easy
to let yourself go with the flow.
You don’t feel ill or slightly queasy
when pushed up or turned down low.

You drift along without a care
with the like-minded easy fellow.
In the mass you even dare
to utter words extremely shallow.

But the downside of such drift
is the loss of your own fights
because you follow every shift
and disregard singular rights.

Standing up means standing out,
and you see the others pass,
but learning what things are about
is better than drown in the mass.


A twist of the wrist turns your hand upside down.
And it doesn’t take much of a motion
to rattle the groundworks of a town
with an earthquake or social commotion.

Society crumbles or bursts at its end
when twisted heads lead it astray,
and crowds of people simply tend
to follow the easiest way.

There is no easy way out for mankind,
too different are all the notions
of life, of values and frames of mind.
Mobs submit to alluring potions.