Schlagwort: internet


What is a link? Of course you know.
You join, connect or bind
two things, then more when on you go,
and more the more you find.

Should you apply a search machine
you jump from one to more,
until sometimes all links are seen
as just the next best door.

A link thus seen is temporary,
vanishes with a click.
Mechanic links would then be scary
if broken with a flick.


Hacking makes a ticking sound,
regular and really quick.
Woodpeckers hack round for round
one spot of bark, which does the trick.

The mark is hit, success is gained,
fat maggots are the prize.
And when this layer has been drained
the hole has won in size.

The global net is like the tree,
and hackers work their way
along the dates they find for free,
regardless who must pay.


A global warning has been voiced
that our earth is dying.
Deserts spread where it was moist
as trees don’t stop the drying.

Globally the climate changes
and the results are lurking.
The internet with global ranges
could help when we aren’t shirking…

… from responsible restrictions
with a change of conduct, too,
setting aside avers convictions.
There’s globally so much to do.

Fake news

A face can be identified
but clearly it is true
in some, however hard you tried,
you did not find a clue.

In cultures which you do not know
all faces seem the same.
Which evidently goes to show
perception is but lame.

And this again should make us smart
to mistrust what we see,
at least when we can’t keep apart
faces like you and me.


A letter goes online in seconds,
it is fast where it must be.
And often the writer beckons
to answer as quickly as he.

All mankind seems in a hurry
afraid that they could miss
the news for them to worry
or blamed for carelessness.

But then we save much paper
and do not have to cut trees.
So we rejoyce and caper
and only have minimal fees.


New workfields open digitally
for designers in the net
where they now meet radically
everyone they’ve never met.

In most cases two dimensions
limit their creative sites,
but already new inventions
print three-D, which now delights.

Web-design is meant to lure
all the users in the net
to find in it the sinecure
for the problems that they met.