Schlagwort: Communication

A hole in the ice

Two rivals with a stubborn mind
may ooze an icy charm,
and what they do best is to find
fault that produces harm.

The easy way is to go on,
stack coat on coat of ice,
so that the barricade you don
prevents from being nice.

It takes some force to break the ice
and find a smaller hole,
shaking your own pride is the price
by which you save your soul.

Mixed messages

Communication takes a sender and receiver.
Gone are the days when there were only two.
Now posted to the world and each believer
a message can be false as well as true.

Fake news are mixed with dots of knowledge
to lure the followers along the way.
A brand of stew or just the morning porridge
must keep you online, possibly all day.

Judgement, however, suffers from the pile
of information input from all sides.
We learn to mistrust those who just defile
beliefs in what is right to be fake guides.