Schlagwort: Climate change


Swamplands are rare, becoming rarer
when we drain and plough.
Leaving nature would be fairer
instead of breeding cow.

More and more people want to eat
not only corn and such
but long for fish and eggs and meat,
thus cultivating much.

We don’t know if the earth can cope
with multiplying man
who kills all kinds of biotope.
Maybe it no longer can.


Global warming seems inevitable,
there’s no consensus among nations,
although this is not charitable
for all the future generations.

Desertification threatens already,
the land yearns for the blessed rain.
Melting of polar ice is steady,
sea levels rise, some islands’ pain.

Still temperatures that are below
the freezing point do not surprise.
They bring us huge amounts of snow
to trouble us then winter-wise.

The weather tends to more extremes
of storms, of heat, of bitter cold.
And when it rains it pours and teems
and makes all flood control look old.

Fire and ice

The opposite of ice is fire.
And demanded which is nice
you would certainly say fire
which we need for life, not ice.

Ice holds nature in a grip,
like a straitjacket to movement.
Above all that your car might slip,
but insulation shows improvement.

The fire of the sun sends rays
to our globe and keeps it warm.
Although on poles and winter days
the ice wins over melting form.

The question is what happens when
we go on living as we do.
Will the climate change and then
bring us ice and fire, too?

A warning

Of all the colours that the ocean
can adapt and we enjoy
it’s not yellow like a lotion;
such hues warn us and annoy.

The warning sign seems insufficient
measured by the ways we live,
our industry is that efficient,
uses what nature can give.

But we want to have it all:
nature and commodities.
Too late we might stop and fall
in polluted and dead seas.