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Half full

We know, of course, what people say
about a half-full glass,
it is the optimist’s bright day
that always shines like brass.

The pessimist is said to find
it half empty and sore.
The lack of something is unkind,
he should be given more.

But let the realist decide
what the contents say:
if wine or spirits are inside
each measure is okay.

The emptiness lacks any taste,
which is what we define,
but then it is a sinful waste
of water and of wine.


Aus meinem Buch:

Picture always open my mind for an idea. So that is why I like writing a poem about this idea. I especially appreciate paintings by artists, which I was allowed to use. What characterizes my books is that you can start reading wherever with whichever picture catches your eyes. So the perfect present for people who like starting at the end or just surf through the pages.

Autorin: Anne Reimerdes
Taschenbuch: 70 Seiten
ISBN-13: 978-1544248776
Erschienen: 8. März 2017

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